Our Approach

A disciplined approach to wealth management & structuring

We follow a disciplined approach to reviewing your assets. Our method ensures that we understand a family’s current concerns and long-term needs. We want to get to know you, your family, your advisors, and your business operations. This lets us identify your specific needs and recommend appropriate structures and solutions.

We follow a five-step approach:


We conduct a detailed review of the existing corporate and family structures to build an understanding of the existing legal framework, culture, and values of the family members.

Through our initial discovery and audit process, we gain an understanding of both your personal and business situation. This includes:

  • Matching the appropriate jurisdictions to your trusts, companies, foundations, or other legal entities.
  • Taking advantage of new or changing laws both in the countries where your structures and assets are located and, in the countries, where family members reside.
  • Reviewing your global assets.


We take a collaborative approach with members of the family and their advisors to explore possible structuring options and solutions. We rely on a global network of external advisors for additional expertise if needed.


We recommend a clear roadmap to implementation working with family members and their advisors.


The timely execution of the detailed structuring and wealth management plan.


Ongoing administration of the structure with regular feedback and reporting to appointed family members.  The administration team understands the family’s objectives as it has been involved in the creation of the structure by the family.  This ensures the integrity of the structure and the quality of service.

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