Our CLients

We represent clients drawn from different walks of life, from a wide number of different countries and regions, and with differing perspectives. Some require the simplest of services, protecting and preserving their hard-won wealth, others are event driven requiring expert and timely transaction execution capabilities, and others include large family groups with complex cross-border assets. We are distinguished in our ability to tailor our services to what the client needs, from efficient and effective wealth and asset ownership or investment structures, to the more complex end of the spectrum, where our experience and track record working with the most complex multijurisdictional and even multigenerational family organisations is rare.

Working with our families is what motivates us. We are experts in working across a wide range of different structures and arrangements, including the establishment and ongoing management of trusts, companies, foundations, partnerships, and other legal forms used in the organisation and ownership of wealth and assets, and we work across a broad spectrum of interests including operating businesses, private equity and venture capital, investment portfolios, real estate, art and other collectibles, yachts, and aircraft.

We assist clients to mitigate country risk and personal risk, both to them and to their interests, as well as to provide arrangements through which to implement efficient and effective lifetime benefit and longer-term succession planning.

For some, we provide an outsourced family office, providing a co-ordinated and effective centre of management and administration, providing a clear overall picture of their wealth wherever and however held.

We work to ensure the structures established by our clients keep up with changes in family circumstances, law, and regulation and for many we are the client’s trusted advisor who understands their circumstances.

We serve diverse families from various backgrounds and regions, catering for their unique needs. Our expertise ranges from simple wealth preservation to complex, multi-jurisdictional and multi-generational family organisations. Out services encompass a wide range of structures, including trusts, companies, foundations, partnerships, and more, spanning interests in operation businesses, private equity, venture capital, investment, real estate, art, yachts, and aircraft.

Our goal is to mitigate country and personal risks while implementing efficient lifetime benefit and succession planning. Some families entrust us with managing their wealth as an outsourced family office, providing comprehensive management and administration services. We ensure that our clients’ structures adapt to changing circumstances, laws, and regulations, being their trusted advisors who understand their unique situation.

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